The 72oz. Steak


  Website: The 72oz. Steak There’s no bigger steak-eating challenge anywhere. The famous 72 oz. steak is a legend across the US and around the world; Check out the Big Texan Steak Ranch 72oz. Steak Facts and Stats Do you think you could eat it in under 1 hour? I know I couldn’t. The FREE more »



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Antique Recipes


 Website: Antique Recipes These recipes and household hints are taken from my collection of vintage & antique newspapers dating back to the 1700’s. Not too long ago, newspapers were one of the only ready sources of fresh cooking inspiration for most homemakers. While nearly every homemaker probably had a treasured cookbook or two, folks couldn’t just more »



  Website: ILovePickles Filled with Pickle Paraphernalia, Pickled Particulars, Recipes, and Fun Activities For Kids! Pickles and pickled vegetables provide a perfect complement to any meal or snack – fat free and low in calories. Few foods could be considered more a part of Americana — we’ve been eating pickles since Christopher Columbus discovered America. more »



  Website: Mr If it’s the most important meal of the day, why do so many people skip breakfast? Well, a brawny fellow known as Mr. Breakfast hopes to crack the morning silence by offering a smorgasbord of content: endless recipes, dozens of articles and product reviews, restaurant ratings, and message boards on which more »