Lee McAliley


  Website: Lee McAliley Stories, photos, thoughts or anything else that crosses my tiny misguided mind. I am a retired broadcast television executive. King of all things Geeky. Cameraman. Occasional writer. Fuzzy Animal Loving Cyborg and Slave to all things electronic. Like this:Like Loading…

Summer Tomato


  Website: Summer Tomato Summer Tomato offers tips and advice on healthy eating, especially for foodies in urban areas. This site is created and edited by Darya Pino, PhD, who is a trained scientist, San Francisco foodie and advocate of local, seasonal foods. Like this:Like Loading…

Kevin Rose


  Website: Kevin Rose My name is Kevin. I live in San Francisco where I climb rocks, drink tea, and experiment on the internet. I’m a technology angel investor and the founder of Digg. Thanks for visiting. Like this:Like Loading…

Felicia Day


  Website: Felicia Day If you’re interested in seeing some of my acting work streaming on the internet, you can start with my reel. For full length works, I suggest you start with “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog”, Joss Whedon’s hit Internet Musical, then check out the web show I created called “The Guild”. For my complete resume information, more »

Scott Adams


  Website: Scott Adams Scott Adams Blog: the creator of Dilbert, Wally, Catbert, the Pointy Haired Boss and all your favorite cubicle companions. Dilbert is a composite of my co-workers over the years. He emerged as the main character of my doodles. I started using him for business presentations and got great responses. A co-worker more »