What is Hooverdog?

First let us tell you what we are not! We are not a giant search engine loaded with thousands of useless links that make it hard for you to find anything.

Hooverdog is a directory of useful resources to help you find entertaining or informative places on the web, or shopping sites that are worth going to. No scams, no junk, just great places to visit.

We have carefully selected each and every resource to assure that it is entertaining, funny, useful or informative. Shopping sites are selected for ease of use, selection and they must rate high in customer satisfaction.

We view each resource offered as a personal recommendation, and since we think of our visitors as friends we would never wish to send our friends to a site that was less than great!

So please browse around and see all the great places we have found.

If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know by contacting us.

Thanks,  from the staff at Hooverdog

Hoover enjoying a sunny day.

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